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First Look: Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim - by Ascension Games

Here’s a first look at the upcoming Indie game Cornerstone, submitted just for you by the creators themselves. The game is still in its early stages of development, but already looks to be a promising experience to all types of gamers everywhere. It’s tough to develop and design a game from scratch on your own, so check out the video below and the message from the creators and let them know what you think!

What is this Sorcery you are beholding?

Well… think The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker meets DarkSouls. Throw in some physics and a Crafting System, a little player choice and exploration, then you’re not too far off. We are Ascension Games, a two man team from Sweden (we get some outside help sometimes), and this is the best game we could think of…

All Feedback and support is VERY MUCH appreciated.

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